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6 Signs That Show You Need to Call Pest Control ASAP!

Some pests can be truly dangerous for your house or business e.g. the dreaded termite. They make your property unsightly, destroy your food and furniture, and have the ability to multiply rapidly.

Pest control is an extremely delicate process and some people make the mistake of doing it themselves. This DIY approach to pest control can impact your health and home negatively.

Knowing the early signs of a pest infestation and calling in a pest control expert to deal with your problem can save your time, money and potentially your home.

Some general clues that you may have some unwanted pests in your house:

1. Pest Sightings

Pest tends to make nests in discrete places inside your property.

So, even if you see only one or two rodents, cockroaches or termites, etc., chances are there are many more hidden inside your house. This is why you need to call a pest control expert on the very first sighting of such destructive rodents and insects.

2. Droppings and Urine

Examine your kitchen and pantry regularly and look for wet spots or droppings from pests like rodents or cockroaches. These are clearly visible and identifiable.

If you notice anything like that immediately call AntzAway Pest Control to take care of this.

3. Unexplained Property Damage

Notice the signs of damage or gnawing on your electrical wires, furniture, rugs, and clothes, etc. There are some pests such as rodents who tend to chew on wires which can lead to fires inside the house.

Other insects like termites destroy any wood furniture they come across inside your house. So, look out for damage signs and contact AntzAway Pest Control as soon as you find some.

4. Strange Sounds

If at night you hear sounds resembling dim patter of feet, scratching, or scraping, these are most probably coming from pests lurking inside your house.

If you don’t know the source of these sounds just tell your Pest Control Technician Anthony about the issue when he arrives to your home.

5. Dead Bugs in the House

If you see dead bugs like spiders, rats, etc., inside your house, chances are it has been infested by these pests and they are on the move. Noticing the presence of dead insects and calling pest control early on is the only way to deal with the situation properly.

6. Irregular Behaviour of Your Pets

Cats are very sensitive to the presence of rodents, mice, and cockroaches, etc. If these insects are in your house, cats will tend to be more alert and active.

Similarly, if your dog is constantly itching, that means there is possibly a tick/flea infestation inside your place. So, notice any change in the behaviour of your pets and if you cannot find the cause, call the pest control at once to help.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most obvious signs that tell you whether you need to contact your local pest control or not. Noticing these signs early on and hiring experts can save both your time and money.

We hope this information helps you deal with the pest infestation inside your house or business and we wish you the very best in dealing with the situation.

And remember 'Don't delay, call AntzAway.'

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